Minimum OS requirements and runtime dependencies for PrimoBurner .NET

Minimum OS Requirements

C/C++ Runtime (CRT) Dependencies

In your application, you can use vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe from the links provided above. However, a better solution will be toinclude the proper CRT merge module in your installer.That will guarantee that theCRT won’t be removed from the system. Also the merge modules are much smaller than the vcredist exes because the latterincludeother things besides the CRT.

The links below are for the merge modules that are currently used in PrimoBurner.NET 3.6.5. Feel free to distribute these with your application:

PB 3.6.5.CLR4.VC100 (10.0.x): VC100_CRT_x86, VC100_CRT_x64

PB 3.6.5.CLR2.VC90 (9.0.30729.6161): VC90_CRT_x86(policy), VC90_CRT_x64(policy)

PB 3.6.5.CLR2.VC80 (8.0.50727.6195): VC80_CRT_x86(policy), VC80_CRT_x64(policy)

Please note that policy is not mandatory. The policy merely redirects existing applications which use an older CRT to the currently installed version.