PrimoBurner 3.5.3 has been released

This release is mainly for Ubuntu Linux. It brings the Ubuntu version up to the level of Windows and Mac builds.

Release Notes


  • 1713 Linux: Convert PrimoBurner dynamic libraries (AudioCD, DataCD, DiscCopy, hpCDE, VideoDVD) to single dynamic library called
  • 1704 Linux: PrimoAudio library is renamed to AudioBlocks. PrimoAudio.h is renamed to AudioBlocks.h.
  • Linux: PrimoBurner supports only UTF-8: (x86) and (x64)

  • The following header files have been deprecated:

    hpCDE.h file is replaced by PrimoBurner.h
    hpCDEUtf8.h is replaced by PrimoBurnerUtf8.h


  • 1706 Change UDF implementation to support files with unlimited fragments (extents).

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