PrimoBurner 3.0.7 has been released

The MediaInfo (IMediaInfo in C++) interface has been extended with properties to access the information recorded by the disc manufacturer on blank media. In addition, some samples have been reorganized and renamed.

Release Notes


  • TFS-1632: Add ability to read media Id of DVD and Blu-ray Discs
  • TFS-1626: Use IDevice::GetErrorMessage in Windows C++ samples
  • TFS-1625: Add GetErrorMessage method to IDevice
  • TFS-1613: Add PrimoBurner version to file systems’ developer ID string
  • TFS-1571: Reorganize samples


  • TFS-1624: Define all SUCCESS error codes to 0
  • TFS-1548: ReadBufferCapacity_5C should not be called if the burning is not active
  • TFS-1543: Linux: Read CD-TEXT fails on certain devices
  • TFS-1510: Update the AudioCDBurner and ReadCDText samples to use the new CDTT_GENRE_TEXT attribute
  • TFS-1505: Write CD+G data when copying CDs (RAW only)
  • TFS-1460: Add missing SCSI sense errors to primo::scsi::EScsiSenseError enumeration

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